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The UK Visitor Visa from Thailand is common nowadays for individuals coming to the UK for vacations, visiting family and friends. This type of visa can be valid up to six months, and is essential for Thai nationals to obtain this in order to travel to the UK.

Applicants for a UK Visitor Visa must show:              

  • · The applicant’s only intention is to enter the UK for a limited time as requested in the visa application;
  • · The applicant is not using the visa for extended stays and live in the UK by extensions and multiple successive visits;
  • ·  The applicant will not engage in employment in the UK for a salary or for volunteer work;
  • ·  The applicant will not engage in production or services which includes selling of goods and public service;
  • ·  If the applicant is planning to attend an educational course in the UK, which is not considered as the main purpose of the visit, and is not longer than 30 days;
  • ·  The applicant must have sufficient funds to support their visit without needing public funds or employment. If applicant is accommodated by friends or relatives in the UK, they would have to provide a statement which says that they are legally present in the UK and will provide support and accommodation for you.
  • · The applicant has resources on leaving the UK at the end of their visa;


  • ·         Thai national
  • ·         Foreigner with a residence status in Thailand (Non-immigrant Visa and work permit)

UK Tourist Visa Requirements:

  • ·         Prove your intention to visit the UK for a period of no more than six months, and leave after the end of visit;
  • ·         Prove that your funds are enough to sustain the cost of the return or travel and accommodation in the UK.
  • ·         Prove that you have strong ties with Thailand and other reasons showing that you will come back;

For sponsored visit:

  • ·         Invitation Letter (by a UK national or a permanent resident)
  • ·         Sponsorship Letter (by  a UK national or a permanent resident)
  • ·         Financial proof by sponsor

Once you have finalised your plans on which dates to visit, then an online application should be completed and appointment for submission be made. It would normally take 15 working days for the visa to be issued if granted. It is best to prepare within 3 months from the date of intended visit to avoid delays. Note that you should not use this visa as a fiancee visa for the UK as this will create legal problems for your and your fiancee in the United Kingdom.