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US Fiancé/e Visa Australian Partner Visa

Australian Partner visa is explained here. An Australian citizen is eligible to act as a sponsor for the purpose of marrying a Thai national in Australia. Prospective Marriage Visa (or fiancée visa) is a 9-month temporary visa which allows applicants to travel to Australia to marry their Australian partner. This type of visa is under Subclass 300, solely for those who are planning to get married and only for the purpose and intention to marry your d within 9 months of arrival in Australia.

Australian Partner Visa

The application process will be submitted to the Australian Home Affairs Office for evaluation and processing time would take about 15-21 months from the date of lodgement. The applicant must be 18 years of age, sponsored by an Australian national and is free to enter marriage.

There are specific documents required and one important thing to provide is the proof of being single or divorced person in order to apply for this type of visa. Applicants who are just separated from previous marriage without a divorce document cannot be able to apply for Subclass 300.

Many factors are to be considered, such as the identity of the applicant, documents on previous relationships or marriages, family details, dependents, change name or surname, criminal history check will be required, as well as Health examination.

These are the basic documents needed which is necessary. On the other hand, the sponsor must provide documents that would support your application. These would be in the form of:

  • –          Identity documents
  • –          Proof of accommodation
  • –          Evidence of financial stability
  • –          Criminal check
  • –          Proof of relationship

All these will be evaluated and once approved, the applicant will be given the right to stay in Australia for up to 9 months from date of grant of visa. The visa period starts on the date it is granted. You can then marry your fiancée and entitled to work in Australia, study in Australia at your own expense and also travel to and from Australia as many times as you want.

Once married in Australia, if you and your spouse intend to settle permanently in Australia, you should apply for a Partner visa (subclass 820 and 801) after your marriage and before your Prospective Marriage visa expires to enable the applicant to stay permanently in Australia.

Any dependent children from previous relationships or marriages which you wish to bring with you, can be included in your visa application. There will be a different set of documents required for dependents, which has to be submitted as well.

Outdated or inapplicable forms, incomplete details, wrong information and missing requirements submitted would cause a delay of visa decision that might also lead to refusal. It is advised to seek assistance about all these in order to submit the visa application correctly.

Proper guidance is needed when it comes to Australian migration process to avoid hassle and delay.