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A US Tourist Visa in Thailand is a type of visa which is intended for those whose main purpose is for tourism. This may also be a wonderful way to bring a Thai loved one to the United States for the holiday, or meet up with other family members in the US. However, recently, there are restrictions and thus would affect a Thai national to visit the US, if intention is to visit the US boyfriend.

US Tourist Visa in Thailand

US Tourist Visa in Thailand

US government has been strictly screening all these applications. So, one must carefully plan if this is the case, and self-sponsorship may be an option instead of the other. The US Tourist Visa is usually issued with 10 year validity, but for Thais, the amount of time to be spent US soil is limited to 90 days. Obtaining a US Tourist Visa in Thailand is much easier and faster compared to other US visa types.

As stated under US law, US Consular officers automatically assume that anyone who is applying for a non-immigrant visa to the US are planning to remain in the country. A Thai citizen applying for the US Tourist Visa should overcome this assumption by showing proof that he or she will be returning to Thailand and not stay much longer than stated in the United States.

To start off with the visa application process, the Thai citizen should fill out the DS-160 form and gather all the needed documents as instructed by the US Embassy in Bangkok. Such documents include a certain degree of being financially stability by showing proof of ownership of a house, car or any other assets. Having a stable job would also help in acquiring a US Tourist Visa from Thailand. If you are looking for a US visa for your Thai girlfriend then consider a US spouse visa. This is a B-2 visa for a Thai citizen.

Bringing a Thai fiancée to the US with just a US Tourist Visa seems like an illusion to some, but according to US Immigration regulations this type of visa is not mean you can bring your loved ones to the USA to remain indefinitely. Instead, you can apply for the Fiancée Visa if you wish to bring your Thai loved one to the US. Utilizing a US Tourist Visa to bring a loved one to the country might be deemed as a fraud on the part of both the Thai and US nationals.

After gathering all the needed documents and putting the application together, the applicant needs to attend an interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok.