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Thai citizens can only travel to Australia on the holiday with an Australian Tourist Visa. The Tourist Visa is a type of visa which grants the holder to a 3, 6 or 12 months stay in Australia as a tourist. The visa is usually issued as single or multiple entry, relying solely on the issuing officer. It will be best to initially apply for a 3 month visa if the Thai applicant is not a regular traveller and has never been to Australia before.

Australian Tourist Visa

Australian Tourist Visa

When the 3 month visa expires and the Thai holder returns to Thailand on time, it would then be ample time to apply for a much longer type of visa. Apparently, the first application is just to test the Thai visa holder if he or she will return to Thailand on time. So it is highly recommended to take the 3 month visa validity on the initial visa application.

In order to obtain an Tourist Visa with through a sponsor, the Thai applicant and the Australian sponsor should see to it that they can provide enough proof to show that their relationship is genuine. The more proof they can provide to make the relationship authentic, the more persuasive the visa application will be. Previous email conversations, photos taken together and money transfer receipts are some of the evidence to prove the authenticity of the relationship between the Thai applicant and the Australian sponsor.

On the other hand, the Thai citizen also has to provide the needed documents and further proof showing that he or she will be returning to Thailand after the granted visa duration. There will be a thorough evaluation by the visa officer regarding the intent to visit Australia is purely for tourism. The most common process is to travel to Australia on a 3 month visa, having your Thai partner come and visit the country to experience the culture changes, especially the weather, and meet your family and friends. Australian Tourist Visa from Thailand applications are successful based on the presentation and the validity of all the documents submitted. Most denied visa applications are caused by incomplete documents or lack of content of the Thai paperwork.