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The marriage requirements for Thailand has been briefly added below. You can also browse this website to check how to register your marriage in Thailand as also marital property in Thailand. The requirements for marriage need to be met in order to register the wedding. You are best advised to contact a Thai law firm for assistance if you are not certain about Thai law.

Thai Marriage Requirements:

Always speak to a family lawyer in Thailand to ensure that you have the correct advice as taking legal advice from the internet is not recommended. These are the basic rules for marriage in Thailand according to the Civil and Commercial Code:

  • –          17 is the minimum age in Thailand to get married;
  • –          If she is between the ages of 17 and 20 her parents must be present to register the marriage;
  • –          The marriage must be voluntary;
  • –          In Thailand you cannot marry a relative;
  • –          If you fiancée got divorced in the last 310 days then she needs to prove she is not pregnant;
  • –          Court declared insane person can’t get married;
  • –          Same sex marriage in Thailand is not allowed.

Same sex marriage in Thailand is not permitted and you cannot obtain a marriage visa for a partner in Thailand for Thailand. You can Marriage in Thailandhowever obtain a partner visa for the UK and also Australia. They are very difficult to obtain so speak to a lawyer about this option. They are not very common in Thailand.

If you are getting married to a divorced woman they she will need to prove that she is not pregnant if she was divorced in the last 310 days before the marriage registration. This can be complicated if she is pregnant and it is your child and not that of her ex-husband. Take legal advice on this issue as you might have to wait until she has given birth. Again this is not very common in Thailand.

Arranged marriages are not going to be legal in Thailand. You will need to speak to a lawyer about this. You will note that this is also highlighted in the Islamic weddings in Thailand on this website. If the person is converting to Islam then the Imam is going to need to have documents to show that the marriage is voluntary.

If you are under the age of 17 or your fiancée is under the age of 17 then you cannot register the marriage. Most Embassies will not even issue a freedom to marry to you at this age.

Marriage Registration:

Search this website for the marriage registration process as well as the requirements for each country. You should also look at the articles on property law in marriage as this is very important if you are going to take your Thai wife back to your home country. The property laws are not going to be the same nor is the community of property going to be the same. Understand what you are getting into.

Always seek proper legal advice in Thailand when it comes to marriage registration, prenuptial agreements and other family law issues.