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The Thai divorce process formally is to end a marriage which explains the permissible ceasing of a marital relationship. One form of divorce or separation in Thailand is the uncontested divorce , and in fact is the administrative kind of divorce in the country. It happens to be even more preferred as it is easy and fast to complete.

Uncontested Divorce in Thailand

Uncontested Divorce in Thailand

In uncontested divorce, both the husbands and wife should really be available the moment appealing for an uncontested divorce. To achieve this form of divorce, the couple need to have a reason and a justification why the have decided to cease the marriage. Their mutual decision and combined statement to end the marriage and reasons for divorce must be satisfactory.

Not all have chosen this types of divorce, only for those who has solely had their marriage registration in Thailand. The divorcing individuals ought to physically appear before the local registrar to start the divorce proceedings. It cannot be done on their behalf. Both must be physically present at the time of divorce. Self presence is absolutely necessary as they will be asked questions by the officer and should be able to give an answer on relevant issues in relation to their choice and decision ending the marriage. The officer, on the other hand, must ensure that the spouses‘ decision making process to divorce is gained freely and without force. It should be a decision which is of their own will.
Most recently , in most cases, the uncontested divorce has been filed at the District office where you have registered your marriage, however, it can also be done in other district offices and the local district officer might possibly request the delivery of additional and more paper work before working the divorce process . Thai nationals are also required to start their divorce at the Amphur where they registered their birth in their home town and the divorcees are compelled to convert back into their maiden name. Their national identification and passport needs to be amended to clearly show the last name once again and the above mentioned requires to be updated. All Thai civil documents must be in accordance to the latest status from the time she has registered the divorce.

When the divorce is made possible, all issues settled and finalised, the Amphur shall issue the divorce certificates and it is in Thai language. Foreigners must have these statements translated to English and legalised at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand . In that case, the said divorce will certainly be official and authenticated by their Embassy or Consulate in Thailand.

Foreigners who would like to divorce in Thailand should certainly take advice from a legal representative to ensure that they have proper legal advice and assistance. It is a serious process as well as a stressful one.