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The Thai Police Clearance Certificate is a certification issued by the Royal Thai Police Headquarters to validate if an applicant has ever been involved in any criminal activity leading to the Royal Thai Police, and is usually a requirement for those applying for immigration status to other countries. This document is issued to individuals residing in Thailand for more than six months.

Procedure of obtaining a Thai Police Clearance Certificate

An applicant for the Thai Police Clearance Certificate should apply with a completed Thai Application Form (Personal Particular). Fingerprints (set of 10) shall be imprinted on the prescribed fingerprint form and will be taken by a qualified fingerprint officer at our Lab and will be certified by our organisation. The original copy of the fingerprints should be posted together with your completed application form. For applicants without criminal record, or any behaviour that would endanger the security or peace and order of the State, shall be granted a Thai Police Clearance Certificate within three weeks which will be mailed to the forwarding address indicated on the application form. The certificate is normally needed by a Thai national for her US visa, UK visa or Australian visa from Thailand.

Required documents in obtaining a Thai Police Clearance Certificate:

  • ·         Duly filled up application form for the Thai Police Clearance Certificate
  • ·        Full set of fingerprints for both hands (Set of 10) from the applicant imprinted
  • ·         Signed photocopies of applicant’s passport
  • ·         2 recently taken photographs (passport size)
  • ·         Completed Thai Application Form (Personal Particular)
  • ·        Detailed cover letter stating the applicant’s period of stay in Thailand and purpose for the Police Certificate

The original copy of the Thai Police Clearance Certificate will be released within depending on each case. It may come sooner or later than 3 weeks. Should you wish assistance for Thai police certificate, GAM Legal alliance may assist you with the entire process. Speak a lawyer in Thailand today!